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Simply Said Designs Are Not Limited to Letters and Words

Although the majority of our catalog is full of inspiring and uplifting words that can come from the heart we do not limit your creativity.  Simply Said offers over 450 enhancements to add the finishing touch to your home, office and gifts

Enhancements are available in the color and size of your choice. 

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Jessica Morgan
Simply Said Independent Consultant

Custom Vinyl Lettering Has Widespread Uses

Professional looking signs for businesses show up in many more places than just across the front of a building. Clear vinyl with lettering printed upon it looks great on store fronts, entry doors and windows. Custom vinyl lettering looks like you hired a professional sign painter to hand paint the glass front on your store, yet it is a fraction of the cost, and lasts longer too.

The widespread use of custom vinyl lettering can keep your company’s name visible and will increase your business’ potential.

Contact : Jessica Morgan
Simply Said Independent Consultant

Rescue Squad Symbols for Fire Department and EMS

Show you are proud to be a part of the Fire Department or EMS Squad by purchasing one of the Rescue Squad symbols Simply Said has to offer.  These symbols are made in our exterior vinyl and are priced out individually at a base price or discounted when purchased in quantities of 25 or more. 

You are able to customize some of these designs to show the city and or county you work in.  They are a great additional to any car, truck or van!

Contact : Jessica Morgan
Simply Said Founding Consultant

Simply Said Designs Free No Obligation Consultation

Simply Said Designs provides our customers with an easy, mess free and affordable way to decorate your home or office.

If you live in or around the Murfreesboro, TN area I provide free in home consultations and will be able to help you decorate to your desire.

Why is a consultation a good idea? It’s FREE! Confidence is power in every aspect of life, including home décor!
Contact me today at 615-869-9598.

*If you live outside the area I am happy to help with a free phone consultation.

Jessica Morgan
Simply Said Independent Consultant

New Ideas In Interior Design: Using Vinyl Lettering

Ask anyone to make their homes or offices look better without having to go beyond a meager budget and you will surely be told that the task is plain difficult. Indeed, many people believe that redesigning their homes and offices will involve allotting a large budget for it. What most people do not know is that there are several ways for them to update how their homes or offices look without having to spend a large amount of cash. These days, the use of vinyl lettering is one of the newest ways to make homes and offices look better without you having to spend a lot of time, effort, and money on it. More often than not, we believe that redecorating our homes and offices would require us to purchase expensive materials. What many of us don’t know is that we can make use of vinyl letters to make changes on how our homes and offices look.

The use of vinyl lettering is one of the fastest growing trends in interior design. Several interior designers are already starting to introduce the use of vinyl letters to many homeowners who want to update how their homes look. In fact, you really do not need the help of an interior designer to start putting letters on your walls – you can simply do them on your own! There are several kinds of wall letters for you to use but the most popular ones are those made of vinyl.

One of the biggest reasons why vinyl letters are so popularly used not only in homes but also in offices is that they are very easy to mount. You simply need to take off the adhesive backing of vinyl lettering and you can already them stick them to practically any flat surface in your home or office. And what is more is that you can safely remove them at any time without causing much damage on the painted surface where they once were.

Letters made of vinyl are also quite affordable. They cost far less than buying letters made of other material like wood or metal. They are also comparably more affordable than purchasing several cans of paint just to change the way how a certain room looks.

If you are planning to give your home or office a new look, you might want to consider using vinyl lettering. The use of vinyl letters is not only easy; it will also allow you to add more personality to any living or office space. What is more is that it can also help you save a large of amount of money when it comes to interior decorating.

Contact Jessica Morgan for all of your vinyl decorating needs at 615-869-9598 or

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Applying Simply Said Designs is Easy – Just Watch and See

Some of my customers have told me they are a bit intimated by our designs because they have to apply them.   Many say; “I’m just not a crafty person.”  Well I am here to show you that you don’t have to be a crafty person to apply our designs.

It’s a very simply procedure that I have even been able to teach my 4 year old to do.   Watch the video above as it walks you through each step one by one. 

You will see very quickly that the process is very simple.  Once I have shown those “non-crafty” customers of mine how easy it is they are on board and ready to start decorating!

Why Use Vinyl Decorating in Your Home or Office?

Many of my customers first ask me why they should use our vinyl designs.   My quick answer is because they are mess free, affordable and changeable.

My detailed answer is decorating with vinyl lettering and designs has endless possibilities for your home or office AND it is mess free, affordable and changeable.

By adding a  phrase or even the font style of your choice choose,  you can change the look and feel of the room you are decorating.  Using vinyl designs will match any decorating style you are trying to meet;  playful, modern, sophisticated, elegant, romantic, warm or cool.   You simply decide by choosing the right font and/or even the right color.

I mentioned earlier that one of the best parts of using vinyl decorating is because it is less expensive than paint PLUS it’s changeable!  If you are anything like me you like to change the feel of your room in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours of painting?

Vinyl lettering comes down without worrying about ruining your paint! And for those of you who live in an apartment, where most lease agreements specify the “NO PAINTING” rule, you can decorate with color on your walls to bring out your personality and not break the rules doing it! Not to mention not breaking the bank to do it.

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Welcome to my Simply Said Personal Blog


WELCOME to my Simply Said personal blog.  I just recently became a Founding Consultant with this fantastic company and I am so excited to start this new adventure with a company who holds values and customer service as their number 1 priority.

Simply Said has created a product that gives you the opportunity to use sayings and designs to bring the perfect atmosphere to your home or office. You select the size, design and font! We focus on customizing and catering to you! Express yourself with our high-quality vinyl that is so thin it looks like it has been painted on.

Using Simply Said Vinyl lettering is a great way to decorate your office, home, or dorm room.

The designs are cut from vinyl, and you have many options to help you create the environment you desire. Using Simply Said designs for decorating is economical, mess free, easy, and removable when you are ready for a new look. We carry both interior and exterior vinyl that can be applied to most hard surfaces. For walls that are heavily textured or surfaces that are more porous we suggest using our exterior vinyl. This vinyl is stickier and also has a glossier finish.

Walls are just one place Simply Said designs can be used. The options are unlimited. Other ideas include jars, tile, shower blocks, photo albums, picture frames, furniture, and mailboxes. Simply Said offers endless options for your vinyl design. You can create your own design using our layout options, or you can choose from our ready-made designs. Our customization package is created so you can have the exact design size you would like. We will be happy to help you get just the design and look you desire.

I hope you will check back often to see what projects I have been working on, see the great hostess specials we have and to motivate your creative side.

You can view our entire catalog and custom create your own designs on my website at: